A Powerful Network

Why are our sites so powerful?

We are scraping the internet almost daily in the search for auctions domains that we can buy. We are always looking for domains with good metrics.

Some of the metrics we are looking for in a site are:

TF (trust flow): The minimum TF of all of our sites is 10.

DA (domain authority): The minimum DA of all of our sites is 15.

Backlinks: We analyse every site before we buy it. If the backlink profile of a site doesn’t meet our standards then we don’t buy it, regardless of the other metrics. Backlinks is probably the most important part of our research.


Building Relevance to Our Sites

Once we buy an auction domain we take it through a make-over process and we build it within a specific niche giving it the relevance needed. You can read more about relevance in our article here.

When we are done with the make-over process we even build an SEO off-page groundwork to each site making it more trustworthy and even more powerful. In this off-page groundwork strategy we build around 250 relevant links on sites with HIGH DA. This will make the links we build for you extra powerful.


The Most Important Detail in Our Link Building Strategy

When building sites aimed to linkbuilding the most important detail is to avoid FOOTPRINTS. We do this by having all of our sites on different hosting, IP’s and different website owners. This means that there won’t be two sites linking to your target URL with the same hosting and/or IP, this is an advanced strategy that almost any other linkbuilder don’t know about.

Our linkbuilding is 100% safe!

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how we work