Masters in Building Relevance

Masters in Building Relevance

Relevance is the most important aspect when applying an SEO strategy.We know that Google wants to show for its users the most relevant result in their search engine, and every link placed with us will be highly relevant to the target URL.

The first step is to know how to optimise the page where the link is being placed, all of this depends on what the target URL is about. Once we do that we do not stay there as many others would! We actually apply a very effective off page SEO strategy building relevance outside the page linking to the target URL, this way we boost the link going to the target URL in a way no one else’s does.


Relevance Building


To explain the picture above you can see one of our sites pointing to the target URL which is your site. We will build your link on a highly relevant site that we own and control. Once we have done that we build other highly relevant sites (that we also control) to boost the site where your link is placed on. Google will follow these links all the way back to your target URL reading and understanding all the relevance we have placed on the way.


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